There are a lot of options...
Medicare can be daunting.

Which is why Knight & Day Solutions works with several carriers. We can discuss all of them in a single appointment to discover which options are a good fit for you.

Knight and Day Solutions makes your solution
As Clear as Night and Day

Medicare Supplement Plan + Prescription Drug Plan

  • Covers some of the costs Original Medicare does not pay¬†
  • Separate Prescription Drug plan

Medicare Advantage Plan

  • An alternative to Original Medicare, which offers all the benefits of Original Medicare.
  • Plan types are HMO, PPO, and PFFS

Original Medicare + Prescription Drug Plan

  • Part A which helps pay for the hospital

  • Part B which helps pay for medical charges and other services

  • Separate Prescription Drug plan

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The best way to determine your individual needs in a Medicare plan is to sit down and talk about it one-on-one, telephone, or online.